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Security Cameras – Mobile Apps and Remote Viewing Benefits

Did you know you can watch your business from just about anywhere in the world? Many security camera system DVRs come with client/server software that allow remote viewing of security cameras over the internet. There are even cameras that can be viewed remotely with the use of Smartphone and tablet apps such as iCam which can be downloaded to your Apple or Android device. As high speed data transmission networks become more developed, these types of applications will become more commonplace. Here at Kelly Electronics, we know there are many benefits to using mobile apps and remote viewing, not just for businesses, but for your residence too.


Here are a few reasons to embrace remote viewing for your home or business security cameras.


Loss Prevention – It’s a simple concept for business owners, a security camera system can reduce the chances of theft, and provide evidence to prosecute crimes. CCTV video can help reduce or prevent losses to your business. With remote viewing you can even keep an eye on your employees, where most theft occurs, while you are away.


Surveillance –Remotely viewing your cameras allows you to keep an eye on your business or home while away from the office, on a business trip or traveling with the family. Whether it’s an office, store, warehouse, home, or parking lot, you can always check in and make sure everything is as it should be.


Convenience – Using a computer to view your security cameras remotely can save a lot of time and money by removing the need to physically go to your business to view footage. Using a mobile app to view your cameras remotely over a smart phone or tablet allows you to view your cameras almost anywhere in the world at any time, so you never have to worry needlessly when you are away.


Accessibility – All you need is internet access (which Kelly Electronics can assist with) and the viewing software to view your cameras remotely on your computer. Using a mobile app with a Smartphone or tablet that has a data plan, you can even view them anywhere you get cellular data/service or are connected to WiFi!


Peace of Mind – Security camera systems can monitor an area 24 hours a day and record what goes on during the day and night. The video surveillance footage can also be quickly scanned to search for activity. Although it can sometimes be shocking to view crimes caught on video surveillance, remotely viewing security cameras can provide peace of mind by allowing you to monitor events in real time, gather evidence for prosecution of a crime, prevent loss, insurance claims, and provide an intelligence gathering tool about what’s really going on when you’re not watching.


Kelly Electronics can provide your home or business with the security and peace of mind that comes with having a security system you can monitor at all times. Our experienced staff can help you choose the products and services that are right for your home or business.


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