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Satellite TV in Logan Utah

ke16Have you finally decided to have satellite TV in your home? Have you chosen a good provider already? We know there are many companies out there that offer several packages and hot deals. But which provider should you choose?

Among the largest providers of Satellite TV in Logan Utah and in the US is DirecTV and DISH Network. If you are in Logan, Utah, Kelly Electronics helps provide both providers. Homes either use DISH Network or DirecTV and in order for us to know which among the two you should select, here is some information about them.

Kelly Electronics has sold and serviced DirecTV for over 10 years. They know the benefits of DirecTV and they can help you choose what is best for you. At Kelly Electronics, they do not feel motivated by higher compensation to sell a specific satellite provider that might not be best for your needs. They listen to what you need and find a product that works instead of making you fit into a product that works financially best for them.

ke43DirecTV provides the best in sports television and exclusively carries the NFL Sunday Ticket. The “Genie” Whole Home HD DVR allows for HD and Full DVR capabilities in up to 4 rooms. By going with DirecTV, there are excellent introductory discounts and continues the discounts into the second year. Call or stop in to Kelly Electronics to see all that DirecTV has to offer.

ke44Kelly Electronics has sold and serviced DISH for 12 years. DISH has a variety of packages, including great options for the budget-conscientious consumer. DISH offers HD service Free for Life as well as remote viewing on mobile devices* (cell phones, laptops, tablets). This service allows for HD and a DVR to be located in up to 4 rooms. The “Hopper” Whole Home HD DVR allows for HD and Full DVR capabilities in up to 4 rooms. DISH also bought out Blockbuster, bringing their media library directly into your home. Come in or call today for more information on all of your DISH possibilities. Packages start at $19.99 per month, call for details

Both DirecTV and DISH Network offer a superior television viewing experience compared to cable TV. They offer superior picture quality with their reliable equipment and installation. Both of these providers offer superior customer care compared to local cable providers. Call Kelly Electronics today and have your Satellite TV connection installed!


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