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Monitored Security Systems Vs. CCTV Camera Systems Which is right for you?

We all like to feel safe and secure at work or home, right? A monitored security system or CCTV camera system can provide that security, plus many other benefits. Understanding the benefits of each can help you decide which system to choose, or to help you realize you may need both a security system and a CCTV camera system. At Kelly Electronics, your safety is as important to us as it is to you.


Monitored Security System – Thanks to technological advances, today’s security systems are smarter and easier to use than ever before. They can even be remotely armed and disarmed. When armed, triggers include an opened window or door, or when motion is detected. In the event of an alarm, the security company is notified and can dispatch the police or fire department. The first line of defense provided by a monitored security system is an audible alarm that sounds when it is triggered. This audible alarm is useful to potentially scare off a burglar before they have a chance to take anything. Next, the security company will dispatch the police where they have a chance of catching the burglar in the act. Monitored security systems give you the assurance that your home or business is protected whether you are there or not.


CCTV Camera System – Closed Circuit TV camera systems record video 24/7 and the video surveillance footage can be quickly scanned to search for activity both on site and remotely. In the case of a burglary at your home or business, this allows you to see who broke in, what they stole or damaged, and provide evidence to file charges. Through live monitoring, either on location or remotely, the footage also provides the facial recognition to potentially catch someone as the crime is occurring, or to help you keep an eye on someone you might have suspicions about. These systems can also be used as a tool for safety by being able to view past incidences and putting in safeguards so it doesn’t happen again. It also allows you to view confrontations, so you know exactly who did what. Lastly, CCTV camera systems can provide peace of mind by allowing you to check on your home or business when you are away to make sure everything is as it should be.


There are many options in terms of brand, budget and so on. The important differences between a Monitored System and a CCTV Camera System is that while a monitored security system provides more immediate security, a CCTV camera system can provide the evidence needed to act after an incident and can be monitored from virtually anywhere in the world. Many families and businesses use one or both systems, but if you are not sure what is best for you, please feel free to contact us at Kelly Electronics. One of our experienced professionals can help you determine the systems that best fits your needs.


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