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Monitored Security Systems Vs. CCTV Camera Systems Which is right for you?

We all like to feel safe and secure at work or home, right? A monitored security system or CCTV camera system can provide that security, plus many other benefits. Understanding the benefits of each can help you decide which system to choose, or to help you realize you may need both a security system read more

Security Systems – HD Camera System vs. Analog Camera System

There are so many options in home security these days! No one knows that more than we do at Kelly Electronics. Knowing the difference between high definition digital and high resolution analog camera systems is important when deciding which kind of system to buy.

HD cameras provide better image read more

Security Cameras – Mobile Apps and Remote Viewing Benefits

Did you know you can watch your business from just about anywhere in the world? Many security camera system DVRs come with client/server software that allow remote viewing of security cameras over the internet. There are even cameras that can be viewed remotely with the use of Smartphone and tablet read more

Choosing a Local Satellite TV Provider is a True Benefit

Many of us use a multitude of technology services; phone, internet, satellite and so on. Obviously you can get any product form anywhere at any time, but can you trust the source?

Yes, there are many national companies that provide these types of services, but are they right for you? In most read more

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