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We provide DirecTv, Logan Utah

As new trends appear every day, one expects not to miss certain features and factors in life. The old-fashioned conservative ways of doing things no longer applies especially with the current trend and changes in social media and Internet technology. TV is no different in these changes and to be precise, read more

Security Systems in Providence, Utah

Nowadays, the need for security systems in our homes, work places, commercial sites, buildings, or schools is becoming a basic necessity. We all need to know or feel that we are safe so life can go on normally and serenely. Security systems have provided us with a solution and now more and more people read more

DISH now offers the PAC-12 Network

DISH now offers the PAC-12 Network:

The Pac-12 Network is dedicated towards the Pac-12, the nation’s premier collegiate conference with 451 NCAA Championships across 32 sports. It will feature hundreds of live sporting events, providing fans 24/7 access to their favorite teams, including your Utah Utes. Call today and find out how you can get the PAC-12 Network when you sign up for DISH!

The PAC-12 Network


Glenn Beck and TheBlaze

DISH just announced on 9/12/12 that they will now carry TheBlaze on channel 212.  Add it to your current package  A La Carte for just $5/mo. or sign up for Americas Top 250 package.   As of launch, TheBlaze is exclusive to DISH, so take advantage of this opportunity today.

The Tailgator

The Tailgator

by Dish Network is the perfect product for the person that goes camping a lot, tailgates at an NCAA football game or just plain wants Satellite TV on the road. Say goodbye to the old ways of tuning this dish in to receive channels. It is as easy as just setting it outside and plugging it in to your Hi Definition Dish Network Receiver. You are good to party! This product is a self tuning Satellite and only runs around 400 dollars. If you have any other questions all about (the tailgator) please call us at 435-752-5678!

The Tailgator


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